7 Outfits Tucked In A Backpack

I'm Sha' Cannon and I live what I call the Propel Lifestyle. I'm an entrepreneur that lives and works my business from all over in the world. My journey and my needs while travelling were the inspiration for this travel store. Basically, I feature the things that would make my travel life easier, more convenient, and even a little bit more fashionable. 

I currently live in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico. I love this beach town as it is small enough to build relationships but also diverse enough to experience nightlife and family life, beach life and city life, touristy stuff and entrepreneur stuff.

There is a bus service here called ADO (like the Greyhound or Megabus in the United States). I have taken it to explore different cities and even different states in Mexico. The best way to move freely while exploring is to use a backpack. A backpack eliminates your bag being thrown and jostled under the bus, saves you time from standing in line to retrieve your bag at your destination, and allows you to navigate getting to your final destination easily. 

The warm climate here means less bulky clothes. But even so, I'm a girl that likes her options. So for a 3-day trip, I wanted 5 full outfits. I was able to pack two dresses, a sarong and tank top outfit, shorts and tank top outfit, and a skirt and tank top outfit. Add to the grouping two swimsuit outfits with coverups, underwear, a pair of flip flops, and personal care items. 

I took the pieces of an ensemble and rolled them together. So each roll represented one full outfit (underwear included). Then I started packing by placing the flip flops at the very bottom of my bag with the personal care items on top. Finally, I placed the outfit rolls in one-by-one pushing them down to squeeze out all available space before adding another roll. 

Viola!! I was able to enjoy a 3-day weekend getaway, with the pleasure of options to fit my moods. I was even able to enjoy the beach and pool without worrying about having only one swimsuit that had to dry in-between water fun. 

Check the website for some great roomy but fashionable backpack choices. 

XOXO from Mexico. ~Sha'