The No Check Zone: Carry-on vs Personal Bag

In the era of cheap flights being offered by airlines like Spirit and Frontier. A part of the concessions being made can include the restriction of only a free carry-on and personal bag or personal bag only. 

Unfortunately, many travellers are not saving as much money as they originally predicted. A lot of them aren't checking to see exactly what they are allowed to stow away for free and still others aren't checking the specific dimensions allowed for each category of luggage. 

Most personal items are bags such as a purse, tote back, laptop bag, messenger bag, or backpack. Most carry-on items are duffle or roller bags. However, the only official description is found in the dimensions of the bags. 

The standard domestic carry-on luggage size, including the handle and wheels, is 22” x 14” x 9”. The standard domestic personal item size is 7'' x 15'' x 16''. Check out the store for fashionable but functional options for your carry-on and personal item needs. 

ALWAYS check with your airline, as restrictions can change from domestic to international flights and from airline to airline. 

XOXO ~Sha'